What is Joomla?

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a software package (App) that allows you to write and publish pages of web content. A little like Microsoft Word which allows you to create documents, Joomla allows you to create web pages but it is much much more than a Word Processor package.

Joomla can be used to create a web site of a few pages or a site of 1,000's of pages. It is exactly the same Joomla software for a small site as a large, one so there is no need to worry about changing software as the site grows.

The standard Joomla software is extremely powerful and will do many things as it is, but there are a wealth of third party extensions that have been created specifically for Joomla to allow integration of all sorts of other software and facilities.

Joomla is Open Source Software which means its free! The Third Party Extensions are either Free or Paid for, but the cost of the paid ones is generally affordable for the task they perform, the cost is usually well under £100 normally around £30 to £50.

Examples of Third Party Extensions; E-Commerce, Event Bookings/Calendars, Directories/Catalogues, Maps, Club Membership, Financial, Weather, Multimedia, Photo Gallery/Slide Shows, Social/Community Builders and many many more.  Browse Joomla Extensions


Joomla Technical Stuff

Joomla consists of two elements; a set of files and a database. Both are easily backed up or copied, so moving your site is easy. Many free or even paid online web sites that allow you to design your own site will never let you have your site, so if you ever want to leave you have to start all over again, with Joomla this will never happen.

The Joomla files contain all the functionality while the database contains all of the content that you create.

How the site looks is controlled by a Template which is part of the Joomla set of files. This Template can be an "Off the Shelf" or a completely bespoke design or more often, a modified "Off the Shelf" design.

To make your website available to the world it has to be installed on a Web Server which is provided by a web host. We will host your site as part of the package. More about our Web Hosting