Paid v Free Websites

Paid v Free Websites

As a small business it is very tempting and often highly desirable to keep costs to a minimum and do everything yourself. In the early days as a start-up you might think that it is the only sensible option so let’s look at the options a little more.

Free Websites

There are many websites that offer a free site that you can build yourself with pretty straightforward drag and drop tools and you can quickly and easily end up with an attractive site. If money is really tight and you have the time this may well be the best option.

However it will pay you not to spend too much time on these sorts of sites but use it as a launch pad only. The main reasons for this are;

You will be limited by the software that these sites provide so that when you want to expand the site or add some features you will most likely find that they are not available.

These sites have some form of advertising linked into your site for example Wix has their name in the domain name. The format of the free Wix site URL is Other free website builders can have different text in the URL. This is not good for Search Engines and will disadvantage your site.

The most important reason though is that everything that you build on these sites is fixed to that site and you cannot move it or take it with you. So when you reach the point that you want to improve the site you will find that you cannot and as you cannot take the site away all your work is wasted and you will need to start again.

We can re-create your site which will be very close to the original look and with the same content but in a system that is yours and totally portable.

Paid Websites

There are a massive range of website designers/builders around and a range of prices from a few pounds to the sky’s the limit! Unfortunately many with skills and a service that do not match the fees. You do not need a local supplier as everything can be completed using the Internet, although it can help to meet to discuss what you are looking for and how we can achieve it.

Most small and medium sized business websites will be built using either an Open Source Website Building Package such as Joomla or Wordpress. Some web design businesses will build "by hand" using bespoke code and most big businesses will have an IT team that will use a variety of different methods. I use Joomla. It is a Content Management System (CMS for short), that is free, secure and extensively used worldwide. Read More about Joomla

Once your site is built using Joomla you have the comfort of knowing that you own the site in its entirely, you are able to quickly and easily move the site exactly as it is and have any Joomla experienced person work on it so the effort and costs that go into it are never lost.

If we register or manage a domain name for you, your domain name will be yours and you can move it just as easily.

 If you would like more information on the cost of a new or updated website contact us here.