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You can download Firefox v28 here or at oldapps or just search online.

Once you have downloaded it make sure you check it with a good virus checker.

Before you can go back to v28 you need to uninstall v29.


This is for Windows XP

Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel

Double Click on Add or Remove Programs

Once its running it will take a few moments to build a list of installed programs.

Once the list is built scroll down until you find Mozilla Firefox (29.0.1)

Click to Highlight it and a Remove Button will appear. Click to Remove and follow Instructions.

Once removed go to the location where you downloaded v28 and double click to install, and follow instructions.

That’s it!

Open Firefox and go to Tools > Options > Advanced then click on the Update Tab

Here you will find the option to uncheck the Automatic Updates and select either Notify of Updates or No Updates. Once selected Click OK to save changes.

Beware though, you do leave yourself open to security issues and will miss bug fixes if you don’t update. You have to decide which you are happy with.


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