Email Set Up

How to Set Up Email in Outlook

These are the steps with images that show you how to set up a new Email Account in Outlook for Windows.

The version of Outlook used here is Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010. If you are using a different version there may be some differences in the layout and screens but the essentials will be the same.

Step One

Open Outlook

Click on the File Tab.

Outlook Email Setup

Step Two

Click on Account Settings Button.

Then the Account Settings Drop-down Item.

Outlook Email Set Up

Step Three

The Screen that shows now will show the email accounts that you may have already set up.

Click on the E-Mail Tab and then New.

Outlook Email Set Up

Step Four

Make Sure that the E-mail Account is checked and click Next

Outlook Email Set Up

Step Five

This step allows you to either Automatically or Manually set up your new email account.

Automatically is not always completely reliable so click the Manually Configure option.

Outlook Email Set Up

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