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Demonstration Sites

It is always good to see what someone is talking about rather than try to imagine it, so we have set up some demonstrations. These sites contain some basic articles and images, so will only reflect a little what you will expect to see with your site but they will offer you a good idea of what the package has to offer.

Joomla Web Sites

Joomla Logo at Calculum Web ServicesJoomla is a extremely popular and powerful Content Management System (CMS) website package. The basic package allows for a web site to be created without the need of writing code and being an expert in HTML, PHP, CSS, SEO and so on. It is perfectly possible for an untrained person to create a site using Joomla, however to do it well does require some knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, SEO and so on.

Have a look at our Joomla Demonstration Website to see what the basic package looks and feels like to browse.

Customisation is extensive with thousands of Templates available, or a template can be created or customised for you.

There are also thousands of Add On's written especially for Joomla that will enhance existing features or provide new or different features.

See our Starter Package or for something more individual we offer a Bespoke Service.


Viruemart at Calculum Web ServicesOne such add on is an E-Commerce package that allows you to include a shop within your website. this package is called Virtuemart. Rather than a separate standalone website, Virtuemart is incorporated within Joomla so that it looks and feels the same as your website.

Online Store Demonstration

Wordpress Websites

Wordpress Sites by Calculum Web ServicesWordpress originally started out as a blog but has evolved over time to allow it to be used for static non-blog content, or in other words a Content Management System, although it is still fundamentally a blogging system.

Wordpress like Joomla has a massive availability of Templates (Themes) and Add On's (Widgets & Plugins) that allow for a wide range of customisation and personalisation.

A quick search online will reveal a massive number of articles written to compare Wordpress with other CMS Packages and to offer multiple reasons why Wordpress is suitable for use with many different sites. We are happy to offer Wordpress as an alternative to Joomla in our Standard Package if customers prefer Wordpress to Joomla.

Normally we do not offer Wordpress as a first choice as we feel that there are sufficient significant security vulnerabilities, that hackers exploit, which reduces confidence in the product and raises the risk of hacking unnecessarily. There are many Widgets and Plugins and plenty of advice freely available (which we use) to plug these security holes but we feel it would be preferable to eliminate the holes in security rather than to patch them.

Wordpress Demonstration Site


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