cPanel Webmail Client Choice

cPanel Webmail Client Choice

When you first use cPanel Webmail you will have the opportunity to choose which Webmail Client to use. Currently its either Roundcube or Horde. Once you have set your choice as default Webmail will open to this client in future. You can change the client at any time. The Webmail Client setting may be lost if you clear the cache and cookies on the device that you use to access your Webmail so you will need to set it again as on first use.

If you would like further help with your Webmail please contact me.


Log in to your Webmail

The address will be (If you are still not using https then it will be

cPanel Webmail Log In




cPanel Webmail Home Screen

At the Webmail Home Screen you will see your email address at the top right of the screen, click on the down arrow.

cPanel Webmail Home Screen




cPanel Client Choice

The drop down list will allow you to choose and set which Email Client you wish to use. Click on the name to choose it for now or click on the Star to set it as Default


cPanel Webmail Client Choice




cPanel Webmail Roundcube

This is the layout of the Roundcube Webmail Client.

cPanel Roundcube Webmail Client Layout




cPanel Webmail Horde

This is the layout of the Horde Webmail Client.

cPanel Horde Webmail Client Layout