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So you have a shiny new website all up to date and working well. That's it then. Nothing more to do, sit back and relax. Well not quite. Once your website is ready and goes live many people think that this is the end but there is not an end to maintaining your website. Like any part of your business there is always a regular maintenance needed.

There are several aspects to consider to keep your website current and useful.



The site itself has software that will have newer and more secure versions issued at regular intervals. These will contain security updates as well as bug fixes and it is essential to keep your site safe that these updates are applied as soon as they become available. Often these updates will contain additional features, sometimes these features may be features that were only available for paid or premium versions but that have now been made available to the free version.



Your content, the stuff that Users read when they browse your site, needs to be current and useful. it is the single most important feature of your site, often underestimated by many web designers and owners, it is what your site is all about it doesnt matter how brilliantly the site looks works and is SEO'd if the content is no good your Users will click away in seconds.


Google (Other search engines are available)

There is much that can be said about keeping Google 'happy'! Google has become the word for many reasons for keeping your site current and up to date. Having your site appear top or as high as possible on the page of results of a Google (or other search engine) search is the focus of many specialist businesses. Just do a search for "SEO specialists", I did one then and had almost 14 million hits. SEO is big business but you do not need to spend a fortune with them. By keeping your content fresh, useful and your site working well it will always rank well.






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