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How to Access your Joomla Administration Area

You use your browser to navigate to and to manage your Joomla Administration Area.

The standard url for access to Joomla Administration area is

However there is a second level of security that will prevent access to this screen without the correct password. It may seem like an extra hassle but these days it has become necessary to protect your site. The extra security is a simple process and provides an excellent protection against brute force hack attacks. When your website goes live we will send you by email or text, the link that will allow you to access the Administration Log In Screen.

Once you are at this screen you will need to use your Username and Password to gain access.


Joomla Administration Screen


The exact layout and menu options that will be available will depend on the level of Authorisation that you have been allocated. The Top Level of Administrator is a Super User which gives access to all functions and is usually reserved for experienced Administrators, the next level is Administrator. This level removes some of the options that can if mistakenly used can seriously damage the operation of the website.




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